Travel Bangkok in 7 Days – Episode 5

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How To Travel Bangkok in 7 Days Episode 5

Let’s explore Bangkok together!

Welcome back! In this last episode of my Bangkok Travel in 7 Days series I will tell you more about the last 4 days of my travel:

  • Full schedule and photos of travel days 4-7:
    • Visiting Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and the the unbelievable ruins of Ayutthaya.
    • Exploring one of the less known amusement and water parks in Bangkok.
    • Visiting the famous Maeklong Railway Market and the Floating Markets.
    • Climbing up the King Power Mahanakhon (nothing for people with vertigo).
    • Exploring Lumphini Park, shopping centeres and getting ready for the departure.

Reading this How to travel: Bankgok series should take all your fears of planning your own trip to Thailand, either alone or with your friends! So don’t let me waste more time and let’s begin with the travel episode πŸ™‚

I think we need way more time…

In the first 3 days of my 7 days Bangkok travel we arrived at the airport, checked into our hotel and got familar with the public transportation system. We bought and activated a Thai Sim-Card for our smartphone and started exploring the city. The first days were packed with temple explorations a bycicle tour through the jungle of Ban Kra Jao and a beautiful dinner cruise in the evening with a delicious buffet! But there is so much more to explore, we were just scratching at the surface of the things Bangkok has to offer. At this point I was sure that 7 days are not enough to cover everything of this beautiful city 😭

But let’s continue with our travel and make the best out of it! This is my schedule for the travel days 4-7. Again you can take my personal schedule as an example for your next travel, maybe there are some ideas you haven’t thought about yet.

Day 4 – Bang Pa-In and the ruins of Ayutthaya

  • Waking up at 6am 😱 and eating a very quick breakfast at the hotel.
  • Driving to the meeting point at River City to arrive on time at 7am for the tour to the Bang Pa-In summer palace and the ruins of Ayutthaya.
  • Driving with the bus to Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, having a short guided tour and then some free time to explore the area and to take photos on our own.
  • From Bang Pa-In driving directly to the ruins of Ayutthaya. There are many smaller temple structures so we made multiple smaller stops to see different parts of it.
    • You absolutely have to see the famous Buddha head embedded in a Banyan tree. I added a photo below!
    • There are long waiting lines to take a photo but our guide was really nice, waited with us and took photos for everyone in the tour! Beware: you are not allowed to take a photo with your head above the Buddha, this is considered being very disrespectful!
  • After visiting multiple parts of the ruins and even smaller temples we used a river cruise over Chao Phraya river for the way back to our meeting point which was also included in the price of the tour with a very nice buffet and a variety of drinks including coffee and some smaller snacks.
  • In the evening, looking at the various arts at River City since there are many changing and very interesting exhibitions, then strolling through the city and again trying out different places for dinner – the choices are endless!

Review of Day 4

The tour was unbelievable. Everything was included in the price, all transportations, all entrance fees, a very entertaining guide and even a nice buffet on the river cruise on our way back. Funnily it was the exact same cruise we used the day before since the tour was from the same company – which I didn’t know about at that time πŸ˜‚. The guide told us everything we need to know about, you could ask questions at any time and her english was really good. We also had a lot of free time to explore the area on our own and to take a lot of photos. I added some of them below so you can make your own opinion! All in all it was very exhausting since the temperatures were again really high and we had to walk a lot but it was every penny worth it.

Photos of Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

Photos of Ayutthaya & River Cruise

Day 5 – Siam City Park

  • Waking up at 9am for a tasty breakfast at the hotel.
  • Using a Grab taxi to drive to Siam City Park which is located a bit outside of the city of Bangkok. We stayed there pretty much the whole day until it closed at around 6pm.
    • Siam City Park is a beautiful amusement park with an included water park! The entrance fee is for both parks, when you book beforehand you even get a coupon for a free buffet and a discount for a drink in the park. Here are the tickets that I bought using GetYourGuide (no I’m really not sponsored 🀣).
  • Driving back using a Grab taxi again which took over an hour this time since the traffic was really worse at that time. I can tell you, traffic in Bangkok is the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life.
  • In the evening strolling around the city, visiting some bars and eating some very tasty japanese tonkatsu.
    • You can see it in my travel video linked at the end of this post!

Review of Day 5

We basically stayed the whole day at the amusement park, tried out all rides (some of them multiple times) had a great time at the water park and enjoyed the free buffet including drinks and a nice iced coffee. I have to admit that the park may seem a bit outdated if you are used to more modern parks like we have in Germany for example, but nonetheless, the employees there were unbelievable nice to us. I think they don’t get many foreign visitors, on that day I think we were pretty much the only ones, so they were especially nice to us, but all in all it was pretty amazing for the cheap price for around 20€, there were not many people and the queues wery pretty short. For that price you wouldn’t even get a single ticket for any amusement park here in Germany. πŸ˜„

Photos of Siam City Park

Day 6 – Maeklong Railway Market, Floating Markets & King Power Mahanakhon

  • Waking up at 5:30 am 😱 and hurrying to get a very quick breakfast.
  • Running to the meeting point and making it just in time for the departure with the bus to the next train station.
    • Here is the tour that I booked including all transportation costs for the Maeklong Railway Market and the Floating Markets.
  • Arrival at the train station and ride with the train to the Maeklong Train Market.
    • We even saw a family of monkeys on the way and the train slowed down so that we can see them for a moment until they vanished in the woods.
    • We also had the possibility to go to the train driver cabin which gives you an unbelievable good view of the Railway Market when the train arrives and the market place people pull their goods aside. It is unbelievable!
    • At the Railway market we had a lot of free time to explore, take photos and to try some very delicious coconut ice cream. πŸ˜‹
  • From there we took the bus and then some longtail boats to the Floating markets – all included in the price of the tour.
    • The ride with the longtail boats itself is amazing, you feel like you’re in a movie but for the people there it is just normal!
    • We had a lot of free time again to explore the floating markets, to eat and to buy souvenirs. The guide was really nice and even bought us drinks since it was – like every day – really hot.
  • After the Floating Markets we drove with the bus back to the meeting point, from there we quickly changed and rested a bit in the hotel and then directly went to the King Power Mahanakhon, one of Bangkoks brand new tourist attractions.
    • It is actually a bit pricey and there were a lot of people but the view and the experience is worth every penny. I added some photos below!

Review of Day 6

The King Power Mahankhon is definitely nothing for people with vertigo! The 314 metres high tower with the amazing skywalk will give you some goosebumps even if you are normally fine with heights like I am. For myself it was an incredible experience. It was a bit crowded and there were some longer queues to get tickets but it was definitely worth it. Same goes for the tour to the Maeklong Railway Market and the Floating Markets. When you are like me and come from a country like Germany you will be absolutely amazed how these markets can even work. I added some photos below πŸ˜„

Photos of Maeklong Railway Market & Floating Markets

Photos of King Power Mahanakhon

Day 7 – Departure and Farewell

  • Sleeping a bit longer and waking up for breakfast at around 9am.
  • Getting ready for the check-out of the hotel and the departure at around 8pm at Suvarnabhumi airport.
  • Having a last relaxing day with a visit of Lumphini Park and multiple different shopping centers to buy some souvenirs and to eat some tasty thai food for the last time πŸ˜₯
  • Using the MRT to get back to the airport at around 4-5pm to have enough time for the departure procedure.

Review of Day 7

The last day was pretty much just getting ready for the departure, visiting some parks, taking some photos and getting last souvenirs for the family. Luckily everything went fine, we did arrive a bit early at the airport, but it was enough time to relax and prepare for the 11 hours flight back to Germany. Goodbye Thailand, hope to see you again soon! πŸ’—

Photos of Lumphini Park

You want to see my full travel as a video?

Then I have the perfect solution for you! I recorded the whole trip using Instagram stories, just head over to my Instagram profile and check out the Bangkok Travel highlight containing my complete 7 days trip from beginning to the end! I would be glad if you follow me! 😊

β–Ί Full 7 Days Bangkok Travel Video β—„

Thank you! πŸ’—

That is the last thing I want to say to you at the end of this series: Thank you so much for staying with me through this whole Bangkok Travel series. I hope that you enjoyed it, maybe got some ideas from it or just learned a bit from my experiences. If you liked it or have any questions, leave me a comment or a message! 😊

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