Travel Bangkok in 7 Days – Episode 4

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How To Travel Bangkok in 7 Days Episode 4

Let’s explore Bangkok together!

Welcome back! In this episode I will tell you more details of my 7 days Bankgok travel. We will cover the following topics:

  • An exclusive look into my travel schedule and how I structured my 7 days stay in Bangkok.
  • Full schedule and photos of travel days 1-3:
    • Arriving at the hotel and exploring the city.
    • Visiting the most famous temples (Wat Arun, Wat Pho etc.)
    • A bycicle tour through the jungles of Bangkok and a dinner cruise in the evening over Chao Phraya river.
    • How to avoid scams part 1 and 2.

Reading this How to travel: Bankgok series should take all your fears of planning your own trip to Thailand, either alone or with your friends! So don’t let me waste more time and let’s begin our travel πŸ™‚

Creating a travel schedule

Thailand is such a wonderful country, it is impossible to discover it’s full beauty in just 7 days. Even just visiting Bangkok for a week makes it almost impossible to check out all the amazing places and try all the different tasty foods there. To not get lost and completely waste your time I found it myself very helpful to create a timetable with a complete schedule for your stay. Surely it will not always work out perfectly since you can’t control the weather but it helped me a lot to have a red line that I can follow. If you discover some interesting places or local people tell you about places you absolutely have to see, you can still change or at least adjust your schedule a bit, that’s not the problem, but having a plan in this huge city is definitely the better choice! πŸ˜‰

Let’s get started. This is how my schedule for my 7 days stay in Bangkok looked like. You can take it as an example for your next travel:

Day 1 – Arrival

  • Arrival at the airport in Bangkok (around 12:30).
  • Buying a Thai Sim-Card for my smartphone and activating it to be ready for the full travel week.
  • Drive to the hotel and Check-In procedure at the hotel.
    • Getting familar with the public transportation system and using the MRT for the first time.
    • Getting overwhelmed by the incredible hot temperatures and trying to slowly become acclimatized πŸ˜‚.
  • Exploring the city and finding a good place to eat since the possibilities are endless and at every corner of the city.
    • For the first day I decided to visit the MBK Center which has pretty much everything you will ever need in your life and it is air-conditioned which helped really much in the first day. πŸ’™
  • Buying some snacks and drinks for the hotel and the next days.
    • I can’t tell you how much important it is to stay hydrated, especially when it is over 30 degrees every day.
  • Relaxing in the hotel sky bar and swimming pool in the evening.

Review of Day 1

The first day was basically just to get used to the hot weather, check-in to the hotel, getting familar with the public transportation systems and being overwhelmed by this huge beautiful city. It takes some time to process everything. πŸ˜„

Photos of Arrival, Hotel & MBK Center

Day 2 – Temple Exploration

  • Waking up at around 8:30am and eating breakfast at the hotel since it was included in the price and pretty good!
  • Visiting the infinity pool at the hotel roof terrace to have a relaxing start in the day and to take some photos.
    • Perfect for your Instagram πŸ™‚
  • Walking to Chao Phraya river to take the ferryboat to Wat Arun.
    • 15 Baht for the ferry, 50 Baht entrance fee for Wat Arun.
  • Talking the ferry from Wat Arun to Wat Pho to see the amazing temple structures and the famous golden Reclining Buddha.
    • There can be very long queues for this ferry since it is just directly crossing the river and since it is also a bit cheaper than the other lines. I decided to spend the time using the orange line again and then walking to Wat Pho (around 15mins). You always discover new areas and places that way, it can be worth it. 😊
  • After Wat Pho visiting the Grand Palace which is located directly besides.
  • In the evening discovering Pat Pong night market and eating a lot of tasty streetfood for dinner.

Review of Day 2

The second day was the first day full of explorations! If this is your first time in Thailand you will be blown away by the amazing temple structures, for me it was something I have never seen in my life before. I really recommend to visit all the temples, to take the boats as very cheap and really fun transportation system and to try a lot of the different street foods.

Photos of Wat Arun & Wat Pho

Beware of Scams around the piers!

It didn’t take long, but at the second day the first person tried to scam me. As we were on our way to Chao Phraya river I used Google Maps to find the next pier from where the Orange Line ferries are leaving. When you look at the map you will see a lot of them so I walked to the nearest one. About 100 metres before the pier there was an older man directly approaching and asking me if I want to take the ferry to Wat Arun! What a coincidence that’s where I want to go! You have to know it’s just across the river, a 5min drive with the ferry, but when I asked how much it cost he told me an ridiculous amount, I think it was around 40 to 50€ and I was like: What?! But yes, after I questioned him a bit and asked about the Orange Line and that the Internet says it costs only around 15 Baht it finally turned out that he wanted to sell me an 3-4 hours to around Wat Arun and ten other places around that. He was really insisting to sell me the tour until I stopped the talk and walked away to the next pier at River City which was the right one for the Orange Line.

If it’s getting suspicious and people are too nice to you and talk way too much always be aware that unfortunately not all people in Thailand are nice to you because they are kind people, some just want your nice tourist money. πŸ˜„

Note: Even real boat tours to Wat Arun and the temples around are generally way cheaper than that. Better inform yourself in the internet beforehand instead of accepting deals like that even if you think it may sound cheap for a 3 hour tour.

Day 3 – Jungle bycicle tour and dinner cruise

  • Waking up at around 8:50 and eating breakfast at the hotel again.
  • Taking a taxi to the meeting place for the bycicle tour through the jungle in Bang Kra Jao since it was too far away to walk.
    • This is the tour I booked through GetYourGuide.
    • It was around 4 hours and absolutely amazing. I Just can recommend it, you will see things you would never discover on your own. Our guide was also really nice and even bought us drinks. πŸ™‚
    • If you want to do something more special than the bycicle tours through the city, this is definitely for you! You’ll be even crossing a river on a really bumpy boat which is an experience you will not get every day. πŸ˜‚
  • Back at the hotel, getting ready for the dinner cruise in the evening.
    • Since it was unbelievable hot you basically had to shower multiple times a day to survive.
  • Using a Tuk Tuk to get through the very busy and clogged streets of Bangkok to arrive at the meeting place at River City.
    • The Tuk Tuk driver was really nice and basically saved our live since we would have never made it in time with a normal taxi.
  • Dinner Cruise over Chao Phraya river with included buffet.
    • I bought the tickets beforehand using GetYourGuide.
    • It is unbelievable cheap but the food was really good and there were a lot of entertainment going on, live bands, a beautiful singer and great service.
  • Walking back to our hotel and buying some snacks and drinks again to prepare for the next day – since we had to wake up very early!

Review of Day 3

On the second day I was able to see more of the beautiful nature that surrounds Bangkok and I’m pretty sure not many people know about. If you want to do something really special besides the city attractions I really recommend you this tour! It is around 4 hours but the tempo is really comfortable you don’t need to be doing workouts each day to be able to make it! The dinner cruise was filled with tourists, it was really cramped at the beginning but the entertainment and the food for the really cheap price makes it really worht it. If you want to have a nice and relaxing evening and be able to take some great photos of the temple structures at night then this is for you.

Photos of Jungle Bycicle Tour & Dinner Cruise

Beware of taxi and tuk tuk drivers!

Just another small but very important experience I want to share with you at this point since I had to experience it myself on my third day. Taxi and tuk tuk drivers are basically everywhere and you will definitely need them on your stay on Bangkok. There is one simple rule you have to follow:

  • Watch our for their identification card and their taximeter.

There is a law that every registered taxi or tuk tuk driver need to have an visible identification card with their name and photo on it and a visible and functional taximeter. If you step into a taxi or tuk tuk and you don’t see them directly ask them about it. If they say they don’t understand or find excuses why they don’t have one or why they taximeter is not working, just leave the car.

DO NOT drive with taxis or tuk tuks that do not have registered drivers, they only want to rip you of. I hope that you don’t have to make this experience yourself and that it will not happen to you on your stay πŸ™

You want to see my full travel as a video?

Then I have the perfect solution for you! I recorded the whole trip using Instagram stories, just head over to my Instagram profile and check out the Bangkok Travel highlight containing my complete 7 days trip from beginning to the end! I would be glad if you follow me! 😊

β–Ί Full 7 Days Bangkok Travel Video β—„

Upcoming in Episode 5

  • Travel days 4-7:
    • Visiting the unbelievable ruins of Ayutthaya.
    • Exploring one of the less known amusement and water parks in Bangkok.
    • Visiting the famous Maeklong Railway Market and the Floating Markets.
    • Climbing up the King Power Mahanakhon (nothing for people with vertigo).
    • Exploring Lumphini Park and even more!

You can look forward to it! In the meantime you can checkout my Instagram page for even more Bangkok photos!

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