Travel Bangkok in 7 Days – Episode 3

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How To Travel Bangkok in 7 Days Episode 3

Let’s travel together!

In this episode we will finally fly together to start our 7 days Bangkok travel, arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and make our way to the hotel using public transportation! I will tell you everything about the following topics:

  • A short review of the Thai Airways flight including drinks and cuisine.
  • What you have to do for immigration at Bangkok Suvaranabhumi airport.
  • Different public transporation systems to get to your hotel.
  • Best roaming plans for your smartphone.

Reading this How to travel: Bankgok series should take all your fears of planning your own trip to Thailand, either alone or with your friends! So don’t let me waste more time and let’s begin our travel πŸ™‚

Thai Airways Flight Review

Unfortunately I do not have the experience to compare that many different airlines, but I’ll try to tell you everything that I personally think was good and what was bad.

Thai Airways economy class entertainment system.

First of all, the airplane in general was really clean, there was nothing to complain about, the seats were comfortable and the personal space you had was actually not that bad. Since i’ve chosen the Thai Airways Economy class, I actually couldn’t expect of much more, they also provided you with a small pillow, headphones and a blanket. For an 11 hour it is really important that you have at least some kind of entertainment, since I’m also not a person that can sleep through the whole flight. Every seat is provided with an entertainment system that you can see in the picture on the right side. Here you can choose different live-video perspectives of the plane, the current travel route, the cuisine, music, films and even games. It was actually pretty cool that they even had movies that were just in the cinemas, like Avengers – Endgame. Almost everyone was watching that movie on the flight which was pretty funny if you looked around and saw so many different parts of the movie. In my opinion you can’t ask for much more in the economy class.

Regarding the cuisine, all drinks were already included in the ticket price, so you could ask at any time for any kind of drink, even alcoholic drinks like beer, whine and whiskey and the flight attendant served it for you! I actually didn’t know that and was kind of impressed, but thinking back now, if you pay that much for a flight you can at least expect this, right?

They also serve multiple meals which are included in the price. Depending on which time and through which time zones you’re flying you get different combinations of breakfast, lunch and dinner and you’re able to choose between different types, for example if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

Here’s a picture of what i got on my flight for dinner. The main dish was some kind of beef with broccoli and mashed potatoes.

Thai Airways economy class dinner.

And here what I got for breakfast. The main dish here were chicken sausages, scrambled eggs, spinach and a potato pancake.

Thai Airways economy class breakfast.

The meals are probably changing by time, but i think you get an good image on what an Economy Class meal looks like on Thai Airways. It may doesn’t look that tasty but it wasn’t that bad actually. You could definitely eat it and you could also always ask for more croissants or buns.

In general the flight attendants were really nice and we didn’t went through much turbulences. All in all i was pretty satisfied and can just recommend the airline. πŸ™‚

My tip for you: If you travel alone on a very long flight, i would definitely consider taking a seat next to the corridor so you can decided for yourself when to go to the toilet. Seats next to the windows are nice for the view but you don’t see that much 98% of the time and it is really uncomfortable – at least it was for me – to always ask the people to stand up because you have to go to the toilet. Sometimes people just sleep the whole flight, like it was for my return flight and then you have to wake them up.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Immigration

Some hours before the arrival at your destination airport, the flight attendants will hand out an immigration form that you have to fill out and keep for yourself (you don’t have to hand it back to the flight attendants). This is basically how the immigration card looked for my flight. I recommend to prepare the information, like the address of your hotel or your passport number in a note on your smartphone to be able to fill it out quickly and to not start searching your passport in your backpack! Also fill out the Arrival and the Departure part, since you need the Departure one – you may expect it – for your departure.

After filling out the form you keep it until you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport. There you follow the signs for Immigration. The airport is actually pretty huge and you have to walk for a while but you’ll soon stop at the huge line of people waiting for the passport control and the immigration process. If you are in line, you just walk up to the security officer and provide them your passport and your filled immigration form. Then they will take a photo of you and you have to press your fingers multiple times on a touchscreen so that they can get your finger prints.

And that’s it! You’ll get the Departue part of the immigration form back with your passport and you are ready to enter Bangkok! After that there are only some random customs checks which I got through without getting chosen. Beware if you have huge amounts of cash with you. Then you probably have to delcare it at the customs. Please also check the directives if you’re not sure!

Public Transportation from Suvarnabhumi Aiport

There are different ways from the Suvarnabhumi airport to your hotel:

  • Using the Public Transportation system:
    • Airport Rail Link connecting to the BTS (Bangkok Train System, the skytrain above ground) and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit, the underground tram) or simply using buses.
  • Using a Taxi directly to your hotel.

You just need to follow the signs on the airport to get to the transporation system that fits best to get to your hotel. The following link shows you an exact map of the Bangkok Public Transporation system with all lines for every transportation system. I personally checked Google Maps for the location of my hotel and then decided which lines to take. In general it is cheaper and faster to take the public transportation system from Suvarnabhumi aiport, since the car traffic is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life and you have to pay taxi drivers extra for the expressway tolls (around 25-75 Baht for each expressway section).

Bangkok from Google Maps showing the different public transportation lines: Red = Airport Rail Link, Green = BTS, Blue = MRT.

For each lines you have to buy a token before you can enter, which differs only a little bit based on the line. You can do this on the ticket counters and just tell them to which station you want to go or just use the ticket machines. You simply click on english on the upper right corner and select the station you want to go on the touchscreen. Then you put in your money and get your coin. Make sure to store the coin safely because you need it to enter and again to leave at your destination station!

Sometimes the touchscreens of the machines do not work very well, if that happens don’t hesitate to go to the ticket counters, i only experienced nice employees that help you with your questions! πŸ™‚

Daily Car Traffic in Bangkok πŸ˜…

Best roaming plans for your smarthpone

We can get through this topic really short and quick because it actually doesn’t matter which provider you have or how amazingly good or bad your current roaming plan for travel overseas is. You don’t believe me? The answer to the perfect internet connection for your next Bangkok travel is…

Get a Thai SIM card πŸ™‚

Yes, it’s actually very easy, at least for german standards very cheap and in my opinion every cent worth it. When you arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and went through immigration procedure, you have to take the escalators down to the first level where the entrance is. There you’ll directly see multiple banners to buy traveller SIM cards. There are different providers, but the prices are almost similar, here is an example from an AIS traveller SIM:

Max. Data Volume2GB3GB6GB
Radio StandardLTE (4G)LTE (4G)LTE (4G)
Max. Download Speed42 Mbps42 Mbps42 Mbps
Throttled Download Speed62 Kbps62 Kbps62 Kbps
Price (Thai Baht)160 Baht299 Baht699 Baht
Price (Euro)~4,75€ ~8,90€ ~20,80€

It’s pretty good right? I’ve actually chosen a different provider than the example i showed you from AIS, but i also paid around ~8,50€ for 3GB of data volume. Unfortunately i dont’t remember the exact name of the company, but you should check the different priviliges you get, my SIM card also had free internet usage for WhatsApp, Line and multiple other apps, which was pretty cool. In general there are two ways to buy a SIM card:

  • Using the counter of the SIM card provider talking to one of their employees.
  • Using one of the fully automatic vending machines.

I used one of the vending machines and it was pretty easy, everything was in english and the machine guided you through each step. In general you need the following items to get your SIM card:

  • Your passport.
  • A credit card.

The machine or the employee needs to scan your passport, but that is pretty normal, in Germany nowadays you also have to provide your identity card to get access to a SIM card, so that is nothing to worry about. After getting your SIM you just have to follow the steps printend on the packaging, you pretty much directly get multiple SMS that guide you through the process! At least for me everything worked pretty fine after arounds 10mins of installing.

So how was the mobile connection using the SIM card? In one word:

Amazing πŸ’™

I was a bit overwhelmed, no matter where i went, even in the midst of nowhere i got a 4G connection (which is definitely not the case in Germany – lol). Download speeds where reliable and the 3GB valoume from my plan was absolutely sufficient for 7 days of travel using Google Maps and social media apps. So what are you waiting for? Get your own Thai SIM card when you arrive at the airport, i just can recommend it πŸ˜‰

You want to see my full travel as a video?

Then I have the perfect solution for you! I recorded the whole trip using Instagram stories, just head over to my Instagram profile and check out the Bangkok Travel highlight containing my complete 7 days trip from beginning to the end! I would be glad if you follow me! 😊

β–Ί Full 7 Days Bangkok Travel Video β—„

Upcoming in Episode 4

  • Visiting the most famous temples (Wat Arun, Wat Pho etc.)
  • Showing you all the have to see attractions.

You can look forward to it, and you can checkout my Instagram page for more Bangkok photos in the meantime!

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