How YouTube changed my life

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Long forgotten memories

It’s been a long time since I posted something on my YouTube channel. Well, let’s be honest, it has been several years now and I already reached the point where I even forgot that the channel actually exists. All the time that I invested so many years ago, all the subscribers that I got, everything seemed so wasted when I checked my dashboard the last time …

Back in time when the sun was shining

But let me take you back for a minute (*insert time machine sounds*). In the past (~10 years ago) i loved doing covers of my favorite metal songs. It was so much fun being like your idols on the stage, learning the songs you listen to every day (which could take really long sometimes), recording them with some very limited (and partially very bad) equipment around hundred times to get an error-free version, editing the 480p single shot videos and uploading them on YouTube. If you finally got through the exhausting process you could lean back and check the slowly increasing views and read the good – well and also the bad comments. Trolls and hate comments were always exisiting, but in the end they just made me stronger and pushed me to even better videos.

Looking back now, I got really lucky with some of the covers and even got over 400k views on one of my videos – which i won’t provide the link to because it is a bit embarrassing now that i’m a bit older… Well, you’ll probably find it on your own without any effort, but I warned you!

Please don’t do it. πŸ˜‚

When the tides changed

Anyway. It was a really good and fun time until more and more people realized that they could get a lot of recognition doing covers. With the time YouTube was overflooded with guitar covers. Everyone did it. Some guys we’re really bad, but there where also a lot of guys that almost made you stop playing guitar because they played even better than the musicians themselves. The standards were getting even higher and higher with every upcoming technology. HD videos were an absolute must so you had to buy an, at that time, very expensive camera or you were out. Your guitar sound had to catch up with the latest recording equipment or you were out. You had to play without any errors and always be a little bit better than everyone else to satisfy the viewers or, you’ve guessed correctly, you were out. It was getting very hard and more time consuming than in the beginning.

Some day, i’m not sure when it was exactly, but I realized that it was enough. I just stopped completely because the initial fun was completely gone and truned into an time consuming and dissatisfying void. At that time I was really glad that I had found my band which I could now put my whole focus on.

Why YouTube changed my life

But let’s also talk about the good sides. You may not believe it, but I found my current band colleague Flo through YouTube. If I think back now, how high were the chances that we get to know each other through such a huge platform with millions and millions of people? It’s still hard to believe but that’s one of the mysteries of life and I’m so glad that it happened. Another YouTuber introduced us because he realized that we live very close to each other. Flo, who also did guitar covers at that time, and I got into contact and we did multiple covers together. We were directly on the same wavelength, loved the same music and most of all loved playing the guitar. Later we founded our band Half Past Eight, released an completely self-recorded EP, a full album with 12 tracks, multiple music videos and covers. You can check our music out on Spotify, or find us on YouTube or any other streaming platform. At the moment we’re currently writing brand new songs. You can look forward to it!

The members got such a big part of my life and i’m really thankful for the times we had together and the ones that lye still in front of us.

A song to restore my motivation

Let’s get back to the year 2019 (*insert inverted time machine sounds*). I still love metal music with the same passion from years ago but i’m also totally into K-Pop. It consumed me completely. If you also love it, you probably know what I’m talking about. Otherwise you’ll not understand it. There’s no way back. So let me finally get to the part with the song and the motiviation. For this you need to know:

I freaking love BTS (currently streaming Boy With Luv up and down)

and hearing “Fake Love” somehow started that fire that wasn’t burning for so many years in me again. I heard it and instantly knew that an instrumental track would sound really cool. And this is where the hard part kicks in. You probably experienced it for yourself. You have a great idea but you know that it is connected with a lot of effort. Then you start thinking about your idea again, will it work? Is it really a good one? Can I make it all alone or do i need help from someone else? What do I eat for dinner? Do I really have the time? Is it worth the effort? I think you get what I want to say. Most of the time, we’ll all let it slip away, find a good excuse that works for ourself and do something that is mentally and physicall easier. I thought about exact the same questions, realized my excuses and said to myself: Just do it (no i’m unfortunately not sponsored by Nike).

So I sat down multiple days after the release and started figuring out the guitar, drum and bass parts. With the help of some YouTube videos I was also able to write the necessary synthesizer parts. I added multiple harmonies and then the tab was finally finished after multiple days of work! When i finished all the recordings of the guitar parts and did a first mix, i directly ordered some green screen fabrics, cheap studio lights and started filming the different angles in my cellar. Since I did it all by myself you probably can image that it was a real hassle to get the focus right and everything, but somehow it was also really fun. It then took me another multiple days to do the editing and adding the effects.

When the video was finally finished, I felt really proud, like I didn’t do in so many years. The process of creating something all by yourself can truly be a refreshing experience and I just can recommend it to anybody. I’m really glad that I took all the effort which was rewarded through all the nice and supporting comments i got. So the next time you have a great idea, do it. Don’t let the excuses control your life.

I hope that my story was somehow interesting and maybe a little bit entertaining to you. Do you also had a hobby with a similar story that you can relate to? Leave me a message in the comments!

To bring this to an end, I really hope that you enjoy my version of BTS song FAKE LOVE. If you want the tab, just send me a quick message or leave a comment, I’m glad sharing it with you! πŸ™‚

And here it is!

So what do you think? Do you like it? Should I do more K-Pop song covers in the future? If yes, which one? Please leave me a comment, i’m really interested in your opinion!

And thank you very much for staying with me! πŸ’—


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