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Music News, Reviews, Travel Tips & Daily Life.

Now that you are here, you’re probably asking yourself: What can I expect from this blog? I’m trying to write about everything that I love, my hobbies and my daily life. Hopefully you can save your time by reading what I already experienced and get some useful information!

Other than that i’m trying to bring you some entertainment and show you the world from another perspective! Why not following me on my adventure? πŸ˜‰

Here’s a short summary on what i’m planning to do:

πŸ’» Coding

  • Reviews of new Frameworks
  • How to select and build Software-Architecture
  • Coding Style Enhancements, Examples etc.
  • Handling of problems that I already encountered with solutions that worked for me.

🎡 Music

  • Insight of my band HALF PAST EIGHT.
    • Behind the scences of our concerts, composing & recording process and much more.
  • Music Reviews of mostly brand new Metal or K-Pop tracks.
  • Cover Songs (mostly on my YouTube channel).

πŸ“Έ Photography

  • All types of photos and scenes that I think are good enough to share with you from my travels, band trips or my daily life.

🌏 Travel

  • Documentations of my vacations and travels.
  • Photos, Videos and Reviews of restaurants, hotels etc.
  • Sharing all my good and bad experiences with you trying to save your precious travel time!

🎒 Daily Life

  • Sharing my daily life and my thoughts with you, maybe we’re on the same wavelength or I can show you same new perspectives!

Some Impressions of me!

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