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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Kevin and i’m a 28 years old Software Developer, Music Lover and Traveler from Germany. With this blog I’m sharing my daily life with you trying to bring you all the latest information about Coding, Music, Travel and much more!

What das KEIGILABS mean?

Bringing all these various topics for my blog together probably needs an own laboratory, so I decided to mix my social media name (Keigisan) into it and voilà KEIGILABS was born! I really hope that you find something interesting and entertaining for yourself and follow me on my adventure. 🙏

What does your logo stand for?

Keigilabs Logo

You may not see it in a first glance, but my logo combines the Yin and Yang symbols with the asian continent using the inversion of colors! Do you see it now? In general I love the asian culture, the food and the kindness of the people and I’m a huge fan of J-Rock music, Anime, Manga and especially the whole K-Pop genre. It fascinated me since I first saw the ‘Hot Pink’ MV from EXID on YouTube. If you know it, you now what I’m talking about. That’s why I also added the name of my Website in Hangul and Japanese Katakana on top of it. 😊

Let me introduce you to my band!

Besides my work as a Software Developer I’m the guitarist and singer of the metal band HALF PAST EIGHT. The following is our latest Music Video to our brand new single ‘Kingslayer’. 🤘

We also did a metal cover of Tom Walkers song ‘Leave a Light On’ a while ago which got (a bit) viral. Maybe you know the song! Take a moment to listen to our version, maybe you will like it, I’d appreciate your support!

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