What is this blog all about?

Music News, Reviews, Travel Tips & Daily Life.

From the album release concert with my band Half Past Eight.

Hello everyone! You can’t believe how happy I am, now that I finally released my first blog entry. From a Software Developers point of view, this would be the equivalent to a “Hello World” program, which is basically a simple program that you always create at the very beginning of your studies for almost every programming language. And yes, it is actually just printing “Hello World” as an output, nothing more, nothing less.

You may think: “So, why reading even further?”

Well functionality is always only one side of the coin, the other side is hidden most of the time and not directly to be seen but much more worth it. We all need a point to start somewhere, to change from just thinking about doing something to get up and start doing it in reality (and not quitting it after a first try or a setback). And this is where the adventure of my blog finally begins!

Stay with me some more minutes and let me explain you a little bit more about whats going to happen on this blog and why it can be useful and entertaining for you too!

Who are you?

My band colleagues and me from our last phot shoot.

My name is Kevin (aka Keigisan on social media sites) and i’m a 27 years old software developer from Germany. Besides the work that I really enjoy i’m able to transform myself into the Guitarist and Singer of the Metal band HALF PAST EIGHT or the truly passionate music lover, wannabe traveler and hobby photographer.

I really can’t wait to tell and show you more about my hobbies and my daily life.

What can I expect from this blog?

I asked myself the same question and actually I wasn’t even sure, even until now. The combination of my daily work life with my various hobbies and passions seems to be way to paradoxical to be combined in one blog. I mean, who loves Metal and K-Pop the same way? You can probably count the numbers of people with your fingers – or you don’t even need your fingers because you don’t know anyone – and how can coding and traveling topics even fit in between this?!

Well, only the future will tell, but since I like solving difficult issues and finding solutions to problems – which is my daily work – I thought about giving it a try and combining all these fascinating topics in a single blog. Maybe you’ll find something that is interesting for yourself, so stay with me.

Here’s a list on what i’m planning to share with you in the different categories of my blog:

Some random html which looks pretty cool!
  • Coding
    • Reviews of new Frameworks, how to select and build Software-Architecture, Coding Style Enhancements, Examples etc.
    • Problems that I already encountered and the solutions that worked for me (and hopefully for you too).
  • Music
    • Insight of my band, behind the scences of concerts, composing, recoding and much more.
    • Music Reviews of brand new Metal and K-Pop tracks.
    • Cover Songs (mostly on my YouTube channel).
  • Photography
    • All types of photos and scenes which i think are good enough to share with you, like the ones featured in this post (and are not actually free stock photos).
  • Travel
    • Documentations of my vacations and travel destinations.
    • Photos, Videos and Reviews of restaurants, hotels etc.
    • Sharing the best and worst experiences with you trying to save your precious time.
  • Daily Life
    • Sharing my daily life and my thoughts with you, maybe we’re on the same wavelength or I can show you same new perspectives!

When can I expect updates?

At least one or two blog entry per month in the beginning and hopefully way more in the future. I still need to get familiar with WordPress the different design themes and all the configuration stuff.

Thank you for staying with me πŸ’—

I hope that you got a first glimpse on what will happen on this site. Just leave me a message if you have questions or suggestions for improvement. Follow me on my social media accounts or subscribe below to get directly notified when I post new updates πŸ™‚


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